enable organisations to learn about their behavioural dynamics


Our mission

At In-Spiral Group we work with leading international and global businesses and public and not-for profit organisations. By heightening their awareness of the behavioural dynamics that are present while they work, we help our clients to enhance team performance …

The In-Spiral Group Principles

At In-Spiral Group we have strong methodological foundations derived from the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, Group Analysis and Open Systems theories and thinking …

The In-Spiral Team

We are an international team of consultants with a unique blend of professions, skills and business experience. Our countries of origin include Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, the United Kingdom, Syria and Spain …

In-Spiral Group’s Product Portfolio

Our core product, the Authentic Learning Platform (ALP) is a two-tier intervention. We work in partnership with the client to design a chosen event. Events can be as varied as sales conferences, management meetings, team development …


We share a passion for working with people and systems and value the richness and complexity inherent in both
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Nadine Riad Tchelebi

Senior Lecturer in Organisation Studies, Bristol Business School
After three years of public relations and event management for Volkswagen help organisational teams work more creatively and confidently together and experienced in group relations methodologies …
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Victoria Fernández

Executive Counsellor for People and Organisations
After nine years of practicing Adult Clinic Psychology, Victoria changed her professional track and specialised in Organisational Psychology to work with Companies and Executives. She has been working as an Organisational and Learning Development Consultant …
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Noemi Galindo

Organisational Consultant, Trainer and Coach
Noemi’s professional experience goes back to 1991 when she joined the Human Resources department in El Corte Inglés. In 1993 she became a Consultant and Trainer for different companies, specialising in the development of soft skills
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Yvonne Nolan

Organisational Consultant and Group Analyst
Following a career in HR, including three years as HR Manager with Nestlé Ireland, Yvonne set up as an independent Organisational Consultant in 2004. Since then she has developed and delivered HR consultancy and training solutions …
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Andrea Volpe

Organisational Consultant, Trainer and Executive Coach
Following his career as an Organisational Consultant in a major consulting Company, Andrea is now Managing Director of a medium size Consulting Company, ISMO Srl. Expert in business management, he has an extensive understanding of the anthropological …
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Kalmi Pressburger

Organizational consultant and Manger-partner Mifgash LDT
Kalmi started his career at the Israeli Defence Force’s School for Leadership Development, where he worked with groups and commanders of all ranks and was engaged in the training and development of professionals. In 2003 he established Mifgash, a consultancy company …
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Miki Rozenstine

Organisational Consultant & Psychologist and Manger-partner Mifgash LDT
Prior to the establishment of Mifgash, Miki had served in the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) for more than 16 years in consultation and trainer roles as well as commanding roles at The IDF’s School for Leadership Development. Among his latter roles in the IDF …